An End of a Chapter

Through the eyes of our MSK Team…

The end of one’s elementary years are always bittersweet for the students and teachers alike. This blog is dedicated to two of our MSK students who have been with the school since their Casa years. As teachers we have watched them grow and mature into the fine, young men that they have become. We would like to take this blog to highlight their graduation speeches. We know that they are ready for their next chapter of their educational journey.

Noah Ricciardi – Grade 8 Graduate

Hello to my fellow graduates of MSK 2023-2024, Principal and Vice Principal Kooner, teachers, parents, and esteemed guests. My name is Noah Ricciardi, and I have been a student of MSK for 11 years.

Today marks a milestone in our lives – the result of countless hours of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. As we gather here to celebrate graduation, it is a journey full of mixed emotions, nervousness, and excitement for the journey ahead.

It has been a privilege to be a part of the MSK family. From Mrs. Addante greeting you with a smile in the morning to the amazing music program led by Ms. Orlando, I cannot express how great the teachers and staff have been throughout my MSK years. I have fond memories of my early years in Casa Blue with the guidance of Ms. Elliot and Ms. Rodriguez. Memories of the binomial cube, pink tower, and map work were just some of the Montessori work that laid the foundation for my education at MSK.

Lower Elementary with Ms. Cappa was a calming and nurturing environment. Many of hopefully lifelong friendships began in grade 1 and 2, some of which have moved on from MSK but I am still connected with. Including Govind who I met in grade 1 and has been my best friend ever since.

As I entered Upper Elementary, I was a little nervous, because, not going to lie, I was a little intimidated by Mrs. Beros. I soon found out that I was wrong. Mrs. Beros, you are the most kind, extremely knowledgeable, and yes, you are tough, but that comes from you wanting every one of us students to succeed.

I was accepted into the IB program at Holy Cross and the AP program at Father Bressani, and I know that accomplishment wouldn’t have been possible without you. Mrs. Beros, the knowledge I have gained in your class will carry with me through the rest of my academic career. Thank you!

I would like to thank another very special teacher that came into my classroom only a few years ago, Mrs. Giordano. You are the absolute best language teacher I have ever had. You inspire us by making learning fun, and I love talking about food and traveling with you. I wish we would have met sooner. I’m very excited for cultural food day next week.

To Principal Marzano-Kooner, thank you for creating such an amazing school. You’ve always made us feel like you had our back and the love and dedication you have for your students is what makes MSK such a special place.

To Vice Principal Kooner, you always make us laugh, and I’m sorry we always made you go and retrieve our soccer balls.

To my parents… I thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity. With you both by my side I can achieve anything.

Thank you to my brother Matteo. He was the first one to attend MSK many years ago. Although I loved my time at MSK, as Mrs. Beros agrees, it’s time for me to go! I will carry this school in my heart always.

The best memories, the best friends, the best education happened here. I will never forget you. Love you all!

Govind Briaana – Grade 8 Graduate

Good evening to all the teachers, parents, and fellow graduates here to celebrate this year’s graduation ceremony at MSK.

My name is Govind Briaana, and I am graduating alongside my good friends Natalia Macdonald and Noah Ricciardi. It is hard to believe that I started my MSK journey 10 years ago in 2014. That year, the football World Cup was held in Brazil, and who could have imagined that they would have been beaten 7-1 by the eventual winners Germany. The Farrell Williams song Happy was top of the Billboard charts; it has taken me almost 10 years to get the tune out of my head!​ At the theaters, Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America’s Winter Soldier were the big summer block buster movies. 10 years ago, I also met my companion and sidekick Noah and although we were not in the same Casa class in the beginning, we have been inseparable since then. Lucky for us, Noah and I will be continuing our high school years at Holy Cross and so our journey goes on together.

I want to thank our MSK teachers and staff. You have all had a huge influence on my life over the past decade.

Mrs. Leudke and Mrs. Wright helped prepare my learning foundation in Casa and taught me to be kind to my classmates and others.

Mrs. Cappa broadened my understanding and knowledge in Grade 1 & 2 and helped me grow beyond the shadow of my ever-present older brother Harjot.

Learning French and Italian with Madame Giordano over the past few years has been exciting; she always finds a way to incorporate fun and energy into her lessons and assignments.

Music with Miss Orlando has been entertaining. Learning to read music and play the Ukulele and Guitar have not put me on the path to stardom but taught me to have more passion for music.

Miss Alba and Mrs. Addante, neither of you have been my teachers over the years but you have both filled in the gaps between, before, after and during recess. Your kind smiles, fun personalities and caring nature have left a lasting memory of you both during my years at MSK.

Mrs. Beros, I have spent the most time with you during my journey at MSK and you have had the most influence on my development and growth. Your no-nonsense approach and constant push and drive to challenge my intellect and knowledge has made me a better student and more prepared for high school. Mrs. Beros, I hope to make you proud by achieving the potential that you have seen in me and nurtured.

Principal Kooner and Vice Principal Kooner, you have built and managed a fantastic school and a safe home for all the students at MSK and I am sad to be moving on from here.

My family and I will miss the daily drive up the hill in the mornings and seeing the beige brick and white siding of the building, green uniforms of the children and smiling faces of staff as we are greeted at the start of each day; these images will always remain dear to me.

In closing, I would like to wish all the younger MSK graduates good luck as they move up to Grade 1. I hope that your eagerness to learn and curiosity for knowledge is fulfilled as mine was by the great teachers at this school. I leave MSK confident of my abilities and proud of the person I have become and excited about what my future holds.