MSK is celebrating 116 Years of Montessori Education!

A little about Montessori…. Maria Montessori was a remarkable woman who left a significant mark on the world of education. Born in Italy in 1870, Montessori was one of the first female physicians in the country and went on to develop a unique and ground-breaking educational approach known as the Montessori method. This week we […]

Speaking to Toddlers: Five Tips on How to Get through to your Two-Year-Old!

A take on Positive Discipline When we think of the word discipline, it is often associated with terms like punishment or time outs— in other words, the penalties that follow when children disobey their parents. Discipline in the Montessori world has a different meaning. Teaching is discipline. We guide children in appropriate behaviour while also […]

Starting the School Year Right!

By Mrs. Beros Knapsack….check Lunch……check School supplies……check Hair combed, teeth brushed, new clothes……check, check,and check No matter how ready and prepared you are for the start of school everyone gets the jitters!  Even teachers! So don’t worry it’s normal to feel a little nervous about the unknown.  In order to help your child transition smoothly into […]

Experience as the ‘Bridge-the-Gap’ Tutor

By Alyssa Pejkovic As the head tutor of the ‘Bridge-the-Gap’ tutoring program, it has been an amazing experience working with and getting to know the students thus far. I enjoy tutoring a vast range of subjects and ages, as well as observing students succeed and gain more confidence. During my tutoring sessions, I work one-on-one […]

Benefits of the Three Year Cycle In the Elementary Program

By Mrs. Sharmila Cappa This year I have had the pleasure of observing the true benefits of the three year cycle in the Lower Elementary Program. I have been teaching for more than twenty-seven years and I truly understand why Maria Montessori believed that the multi-age classroom is fundamental to the Montessori Method. I have […]

First Experience With Year 1 Teaching

By Ms. McPherson Everyone can remember the feeling of the first day of school- the excitement, thenerves, and the feeling of new beginnings and unknown potential. For me, thesefeelings all rushed back on my first day at MSK except this time I was experiencing itfrom the teacher’s point of view. I’m not a stranger to […]

The Montessori Prepared Environment

By Principal Vincenza Marzano-Kooner “To assist a child we must provide him with an environment which will enable him to develop freely.” – Maria Montessori One of the most unique aspects of a Montessori learning environment which sets it completely apart from other classrooms is the preparation and sequencing of the materials which Maria Montessori […]

Your Child in Nature

Written By: Mrs. Pamela Leudke Blog- Your child in Nature This past school year has had children of all ages spend a disproportionate amount of time on screens, interacting in a 2-D world. Now that the summer holidays are here, it’s the perfect time for children to get ‘off-screen’ and get outdoors. Nature provides the […]

Needs of the Child – By Amanda Elliott

In a culture and society where everything has become “on demand” and a constant wave of likes and hearts through social media it is important to remember the foundation of child development and the true needs of our children. 1.  Rest.  They play hard.  Their bodies need rest to grow and develop. Teaching children that this […]