Former Student Natasha Attributes Success To MSK

My name is Natasha, and I’m a former student of Ms. Vincenza at M.S.K. when the elementary class was only ten kids ranging from grade one through three. I am currently Cardinal Carter Catholic Secondary School’s Visual Arts Council co-president; and a kid who has been on Principal’s List in both ninth and tenth grade, receiving honor roll every year since elementary school. I attended the Montessori School in Kleinberg for a short three years, from SK to grade two. Today I am an International Baccalaureate student who will graduate from her high school program in June to move on to university, and after that medical school to hopefully pursue a career in anesthesiology.

In many ways I owe my success to the foundation I earned at M.S.K. so many years ago. I will always attribute my love for reading, and as a kid my ability to read at a much higher level than others, to my Casa Yellow teachers who taught me so well. Being able to do cursive writing even when many others can’t, which I must say is very useful when I have to make notes today, is a skill I will always be grateful to M.S.K. for. My everlasting craving for knowledge and creativity I thank M.S.K. for, for showing me how to look at the world with curious eyes always and never stop creating. Math, writing, science, French (which I can now proudly say I have completed French into my Grade 12 year and will be graduating with the honour), spelling skills, and grammar skills are all things I must give due credit to M.S.K. for providing me the foundation I needed to be successful. However, I am most indebted to them for teaching me how to be an independent learner for the structure of the Montessori program gave me so many useful skills that I continue to apply into my schooling today. The independence and confidence in my own abilities that I learned at M.S.K. are abilities I would never have been able to survive without.

Although I’m currently seventeen years old and in my final year of high school I still remember my time at M.S.K. almost ten years ago. I remember the Christmas concerts and the pride I felt being able to be a pianist for a few moments to perform the carol I’d worked hard to practice. I remember my S.K. graduation with the three other students like me at the time, releasing balloons in our flowing black gowns, and being able to graduate to “upstairs”to be with the elementary kids. I remember the ducklings our class took care of one year from eggs in their incubator, to hatchlings I brought home that pooped on our floor and displeased my Mum, to ducks that were too big to keep. I remember fishing with Mr. John. I remember my teachers and the encouragement they gave me to never stop learning. I remember my friends and my last day at M.S.K. in 2006.

I can proudly say today, as I am soon to venture into yet another adventure when I graduate in the spring, that M.S.K. allowed me to be successful in all aspects of my life. It taught me how to uphold values while still being my own independent person. The Montessori School in Kleinberg holds a dear place in my heart along with all of the fond memories I have from my time there. It is not a place easily forgotten – not the teachers, lessons, or lunchtimes alike. While many of you reading this likely have young students or are looking at M.S.K. as a prospect school for your child, I tell you sincerely as a former in their position that M.S.K. does not disappoint and is a wonderful choice for any child. It is truly a school giving kids the tools for success.

– Natasha Cunha