18 months to 30 months

We promise to deliver a well rounded learning experience for these youngsters that will begin their education within a nurturing, scenic and academically rich environment.

The focus a MSK’s Toddler program is building upon the key developmental areas namely; sensory development, self-help skills, physical development and motor skills, social and emotional growth. This is all done with the aid of Montessori Materials as directed by teachers and not needed.


2.5 years to 6 years

On the importance of early education the majority of educators and psychologists today concur with our founder and Matriarch Dr. Maria Montessori, who believed that the single most influential and important period in the development of a person’s intelligence, occurs between birth and age six.

Maria Montessori suggested that from birth to age six known as the “absorbent years.” Children at this time are compared to sponges, whereby they absorb everything exposed to them.

lower elementary

6 years to 9 years

“The child is also a worker and producer. Although he cannot share in the work of adults, he has his own difficult and important tasks to perform, that of producing a man.” -Maria Montessori

Respect, responsibility and resourcefulness are the three areas that children take from the Case program into the Elementary program and further build on and refine. Children are also questioning and wondering in the why and the how. The children carry with them the growth from Casa in each of the five areas, and continue to build and enhance their knowledge to unlimited levels.

upper elementary

9 years to 12 years

Some regard Montessori education to be important only at the preschool (Casa) level. However, the work of developing into fully formed, self-reliant, and responsible individuals continues beyond this period. Children at the elementary school level have a whole new set of needs that call for the continued sensitivity by the teacher.

From birth to age six, children are sensorial explorers, studying every aspect of their environment, language and culture. From age 9 to 12, children become reasoning explorers. They develop new powers of abstraction and imagination.


When a child reaches the intermediate grades at MSK, they will be immersed in continued hands on, project based learning. Ministry curriculum is taught in an engaging, student led and teacher monitored direction.

summer camp

Summer is the time to play, have fun and embrace the outdoors. Children who attend the MSK summer camp program will do just that and more. Our campers can expect a fun-filled day with learning opportunities trickled throughout to make the most of their time with us.