MSK Tutoring Program

Online or In-Person Instructions Available

Email: [email protected] for further information and to enroll. Application will be sent out with next steps.

Whether the need is to understand more of a certain concept, or to be challenged, there is always a need. A need that will be met by “bridging-the-gap.” As Educators, we understand that at times during a student’s academic journey, gaps may occur, and help may be required.  “Bridging-the-Gap” Tutoring Program was designed to help meet many needs, mainly academic. The main purpose of the program is to help students reach their academic goals and confidently make decisions to further excel their learning within the safe environment of MSK. An environment that is familiar, trusting and safe!



Within a Casa classroom at MSK, students are allowed to work at their own pace, explore freely on their own initiative and choose their own agenda for the day, with the guidance of their Directress (teacher). Learning is like an open buffet where all the Montessori materials are exposed in a neat and orderly fashion around the classroom in each of the five curriculum areas— practical life, sensorial, mathematics, language and culture (see below). This exposure allows for children to gain independence, foster self-direction and develop self-discipline while catering to their specific learning needs.


From June to August


From September to November


From December to February


From March to May

Pay as you go Package

Minimum of 2 Sessions


4, 8 or 12 week programs will include:

  • 2 tutoring sessions per week at either half-hour or one full hour each session.

  • Times TBD Monday to Friday and some Saturday availability

  • First time assessment required

  • Hands on, virtual lessons, workbooks and worksheets


4 week program at 1 hour x 2 days per week = $480

4 week program at ½ hour x 2 days per week = $240

8 week program at 1 hour x 2 days per week = $960

8 week program at ½ hour x 2 days per week = $480

12 week program at 1 hour x 2 days per week = $1440

12 week program at ½ hour x 2 days per week = $720


  • You will be connected to a Certified Teacher who will determine the starting point for your child based on assessment results.
  • Your child will get an individualized learning package each week with goals and next steps
  • Each week will build upon past learned concepts.


  • Individualized, easy to navigate, personalized to meet individual needs.
  • Use of Montessori materials or lessons taught virtually
  • Interactive activities tied to the Montessori presentations
  • Experienced, Qualified & Patient Staff
  • Printable worksheets and workbooks
  • Able to track progress effectively
  • Weekly parent updates
  • There is always a connection between teacher and the student. The same teacher (virtual & in-person) manages the entire learning journey of a child including reviews of the periodic assessments and fine-tuning content.
  • Each session will advance your child’s skills while having fun
  • Students remain engaged to ensure concepts are learned and understood


Perhaps it is homework help, or maybe it is lack of knowledge where you cannot help your child succeed. Tutoring can help in many ways. It can strengthen subject comprehension, boost confidence, and build important learning skills. Tutoring gives students individualized attention. It helps students that require more of a challenge or a bit more help to better learn certain concepts.


Some advantages of MSK tutoring services:

  1. Safe, scenic and academically rich environment
  2. One-on-one attention from trained teachers and experienced alumni
  3. Improves self-confidence and self esteem
  4. Improves attitude towards learning and school
  5. Improves study habits
  6. Encourages independence and responsibility
  7. Helps overcome learning obstacles or challenges those who need it
  8. Ask questions, get answers
  9. Increases ability to manage one’s learning
  10. Prepares your child for life
  11. Decreases parent stress
  12. Gain a friend


The early years of education are critical in learning and understanding the foundations that are essential for life. From learning the 1, 2, 3s and the A, B, C’s there is a lot to learn before the wonderful world of Elementary.

At MSK, our team of certified teachers and qualified mentors developed a specialized program that relieves the stress of early childhood education. Our Pre-K to Kindergarten tutoring program—Reading Readiness— is a multi-faceted and multi-sensory learning program designed specifically for students between the ages of three and six. Our program will bridge the gap for all students entering Grade 1.

Our program includes the following subject and tutoring strands:

  • Phonics
  • Sight vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Oral reading comprehension
  • Reading fluency
  • Introduction to mathematics
  • Printing


Available upon request:

  • French and Italian
  • Music
  • Art


Whether it is homework help or a challenge, MSK can meet your individual need whatever it is! Our program will cover the Ministry requirements as well as supplement with the Montessori way offering a variety of different opportunities to understand the “how” behind the “why”. Regular meetings will occur to discuss the progress goals and next steps. Our program will bridge the gap for all students entering their next grade level.

Important Notes:

  • No sibling discounts.
  • Students must be on time.
  • Weeks must be consecutive.
  • No refunds or credits for missed lessons.
  • No transferring fees or lessons to other students.
  • Cannot switch days once they have been established.
  • Priority given to MSK students (past, present and future (registered) students of MSK).


It is MSK’s Mission to “Bridge-the Gap” for each student. We understand that there are many families looking to supplement their child’s academic journey by providing more. The extra support will help each child reach their fullest potential by bridging the gap. Our tutoring program has been designed to help bridge educational gaps. The program will help each student learn to the best of their abilities in a safe, scenic and nurturing environment with the help of trained staff and alumni.


The wait is over… MSK is announcing its first-ever school tutoring. The MSK administration and tutoring team are happy to announce that we will be offering in-person and virtual tutoring starting this September for our age 4 to 14 students. As our new school year has officially begun and we are now transitioning back to in-person learning, growing and developing new ways of learning is vital. Our entire tutoring team’s goal is to make sure our MSK students feel confident in their ability to receive extra help where needed.

Our tutoring teams consist of alumni MSK alumni students and our lead tutor Ms. Puntillo, one of our Casa teachers. Ms. Puntillo is happy to be a part of this growing team and journey that MSK provides for all students. Ms. Puntillo strongly believes in extra homework help, new strategies, and general assistance with subject areas. The goal at MSK is to have our students understand that no matter what challenges they may be facing, what subject area may need attention, with the guided support and help from our MSK tutoring team, they will accomplish their goal!

Remember, no matter how hard something may be, anything is possible to achieve.

Here at MSK tutoring, we know that areas of learning may be challenging but with perseverance and guided one on one support, your child has the power to succeed in all areas.

We look forward to having so many faces join our MSK Tutoring!

With gratitude,

The MSK Tutoring Team

Ms. Puntillo

Mrs. Alba Calautti, MSK Teacher

Hello, my name is Ms. Alba Calautti, I am an energetic, self-motivated person who loves children. I have completed my Infant/Toddler Diploma course at Montessori Teachers College.  I am an artist and also fluent in the French and Italian languages. Some of my hobbies would be knitting, crochet, art, sports, music and dance and spending time with my three children and our pets. I have supported a special education group in a classroom environment and I have also volunteered as a resource for special needs children. I look forward to joining the MSK tutoring program for my 10th year at the Montessori School in Kleinburg.


Alyssa Pejkovic, MSK Alumni

My name is Alyssa, and I was an MSK student for nine years, graduating in 2012 from grade six. I am currently going into my fourth year in the Life Science Sensory Motor Systems program at McMaster University, where I am also pursuing a minor in Psychology. My favourite subjects are biology, kinesiology, neuroscience, and psychology. After I complete my undergraduate studies, I hope to pursue medical school and eventually, a career in the medical or health care field. This summer I will be writing the MCAT, one of the greatest goals I have set for myself, as this is the most difficult test I will have ever taken! This year, I became interested in candle making as a hobby and recently started my own small business for decorative candles, where a portion of proceeds will go towards Ronald McDonald House Charities. I have already learned so much from starting my own business and am eager to continue to learn more! Some of my other interests include hiking, traveling, shopping, horseback riding, and finding new healthy recipes. I am excited to begin tutoring in the Bridge-the-Gap program at MSK, as I look back so fondly at my amazing memories and experience here. I enjoy working with children and cannot wait to have the opportunity to work in such a supportive, uplifting, and inclusive environment as a part of the MSK community once again.




Kindest Regards, 


Principal Marzano-Kooner

Vice Principal Kooner

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