The Popov Family

Even before we moved into the Vaughan area we looked for another accredited Montessori School. It was not too long that we kept hearing about The Montessori School in Kleinburg. From our realtor to our future neighbours and current school this name and its owner are very well known.


It was important for our family to find a trusting and safe school for our children. And MSK covers our list of the many things we require for our family.


Ms. Marzano-Kooner was so kind to provide a tour for our family on a Sunday as we live in Toronto. She took the necessary time to answer our many questions. We felt like we hit the jackpot.


We look forward to our children starting the program this upcoming school year. Thank you Ms. Marzano-Kooner for making us feel welcomed.


With thanks, The Popov family.

Tony Cortellucci

Montessori School in Kleinburg is the best school out there. A 100% WOW. A fantastic school that we are honoured to be part of. Our son is in the Casa program and just finishing his first year. We wanted to start him earlier but unfortunately there was no space for him to start before. As soon as a spot opened up, we registered! Thank goodness because there is no comparison between MSK and the other local Montessori school he was registered at.


What I love is that family feel. The teachers are educated, they are knowledgeable and caring. Every staff member knows my son’s name which is wonderful.


I really enjoy the many workshops that MSK provides and the many community events. I have met many wonderful parents too.


I feel like my son is in the best care possible. We look forward to many more wonderful years ahead.

Mrs. Kaur

My family loves MSK and we are so happy to be part of this amazing school.


My name is Mrs. Kaur and I am so happy to provide a reference as a very happy parent for the last three years at Montessori School in Kleinburg.


MSK is a wonderful, safe and trusted school. Caring, patient and loving. From the moment we arrive at the school to the time we pick up there is never a doubt as to the great care our daughter receives. From education to nutrition it’s a relief to know that a school like this exists!


As a first time mom six years ago I was “that parent” who researched and went to every school in the area. I finally went to MSK and it felt like I found what I was looking for. It exceeded my expectations. No more searching. I had a list of questions and Principal Marzano-Kooner was patient to answer them all. Thank you!


It has been three wonderful years and I can’t wait for the many more years that lie ahead. Our son is joining the school this year and we are confident he will receive a wonderful experience too.


Thank you MSK

Mr. and Mrs. Commisso

Proud Alumni MSK Parents of MSK!

Our daughter and son graduated from MSK in 2017. They both attended until grade 6 and then seamlessly transitioned into the regular system. We all still think about MSK fondly and thank it for providing the best environment for all of us. Everyone from the administration to the staff and especially the teachers, Ms. Elliott, Mrs. Beros, Mrs. Cappa and Ms. Leudke who still work at the school today keep in touch to see how our children are doing! Now that’s amazing! To keep in touch with students even after all these years WOW! MSK is safe! We loved the fact that no one could walk into the school without an appointment and that the staff knew every family! One of my children has an anaphylaxis allergy and what made us feel confident about the staff is when we found out everyone takes a yearly First Aid course! We love the community and the many events that MSK hosted yearly! Graduation was the best and we still watch the videos and look at the yearbooks! MSK is the best school out there! Thank you MSK for everything.

Pablynie Calabro

MSK exceeded my expectation when it came to my children’s education. My two children attended MSK for the Toddler Program and Casa Program, the level of education they received at MSK, along with independency and confidence the school helped them build is in my opinion what got them to be accepted into one of the top private schools in our area. The teachers and staff at MSK are very warm, sweet and caring. Both principal Kooner and Vice Principal Kooner are also great people whom have an “open door policy” and are always ready and willing to help parents and students. The school is just awesome and I truly miss everyone! Thanks for everything.

Mr. And Mrs. Goncales

MSK is a wonderful private school being led by the best leader I have ever met. Principal Marzano-Kooner’s passion, love and commitment is to be commended. When we first met her, she took our family for a tour of the school and patiently answered all of our questions. We visited other schools and what sold us was that she has been the principal for over twenty years and many of the MSK staff have also been at the school for a long time. Our two children are in the Toddler and Casa programs. We are so pleased with the level of education they are both receiving. Our children love going to school and we appreciate that so much. Thank you MSK! You are a top notch school that we are so fortunate to be part of. With so much thanks, Mr. And Mrs. Goncales.

Tran Family

Much gratitude from the Tran Family. Our son started the MSK elementary program this year and all we can say is WOW! We don’t have to wake him up to go to school as he is always the first one in the house to get up. He is eager to tell us what he has learned at school and complete his work. MSK offers a lot of extra curricular activities too and my son just recently joined Karate with Sensei and piano with Ms. Orlando. My son loves his teachers. They are so transparent and provide us with many updates on his progress. He also loves the variety of lunches to order from pizza to subway to Italian food. We love how clean MSK. The group of ladies work so hard every day to clean both outside and inside. We also loved the community fall fair that MSK hosted a couple of weeks ago. We met so many awesome families. Thank you principal Marzano-Kooner for all your hard work in keeping MSK a safe and healthy place for my son and all students to learn and grow!


So much love and thanks, the Tran Family.

Mr. and Mrs. Singh

We can not say enough amazing things about Montessori School in Kleinburg. We are so grateful for this amazing school. From the amazing principals, to the awesome administrators to the teachers and staff, a round of applause for your excellence in service. MSK checks off all the boxes when it comes to the list of what to look for and expect in a private school. Security is next to none. They are not in a plaza or near a main street. There is no one that can look into the school or walk directly to. It is situated far enough from any strangers or predators and that was a big factor for us. They have been around for twenty two years and it’s the same owners. The staff have also been there for a long time with Head of Departments that care and are available to talk to with any concern at any time. They offer an abundance of extra curriculars like Karate, Music, Rosary, Yoga, Tennis, Chess etc. It’s endless. They are accredited. Not every Montessori school is and we really wanted a private school that was. We can list many more benefits about the Montessori School in Kleinburg. The grounds are spectacular. There are 15 acres of lush and natural greenery with a huge forest that is just gorgeous in the back. There is a lot of parent involvement and professional development and workshops that they offer. The staff are caring, patient and loving. We love the fact that there is such a diverse community and it is also reflected in the staff. Principal Kooner has her rules and regulations top notch. There is always clarity when communicating policies and procedures and updates are provided on a regular basis. We love MSK and can’t wait to see our children continue to blossom and grow. Thank you so much MSK.

Maria Granzotto

We are extremely grateful to be a part of the wonderful community, at The Montessori School in Kleinburg (MSK). We have only positive feedback to share, and feel blessed to have our children attend a school whereby they are truly nurtured: mind, body and soul. This complete form of education, allows them to be well-rounded, happy and competent individuals. I enthusiastically and highly recommend this award-winning Montessori. All aspects of the school are greatly appreciated, from the grounds to the staff and curriculum.


The grounds overlook the Humber River, and allow children to be fully immersed in and experience nature at its finest. The school property and landscape is exquisite. This beauty allows for a very relaxing and peaceful environment.


The staff at MSK is exemplary. This is by far, the best aspect of this wonderful school—the incredible staff. This is what raises the school’s status to an exceptional level. The staff at MSK is always courteous, friendly, attentive, cheerful, kind, and more than willing to help. They are full of compassion, articulate, caring, experienced, well-educated, dependable and highly-organized. Each and every staff member makes it a top priority to allow your child to feel comfortable, thereby allowing us as parents, to feel secure knowing that our children are safe, well-cared for and enjoying their schooling experience. Each teacher goes out of their way, spending extra time to personalize the curriculum to best-suit your child and understand their personalities and learning experiences.


My children wake up excited to attend school on a daily basis. We currently have two children attending the school, and have been a part of the MSK community for 4 years, going on 5 years, with both children re-enrolled for the next school year as well. Our third child, a one-year-old, will attend in the near future, as we have full faith and trust in MSK. We have experienced both the Casa and Lower Elementary programs thus far, and both have been an absolute joy and delight to observe. Our children’s personalities are unique to each other. Yet, both have not only adjusted tremendously well to the curriculum at MSK, but have excelled in all aspects of their studies.


Each child sets up their own day and selects their own work. This allows for organization to be learned at an extremely young age: a lifelong skill that is essential. This also forms strong decision-making skills as well as fosters confidence. I am amazed at the care and respect the children have for the classroom materials, their teachers and peers. They are able to work both independently and in small groups. Allowing children to learn from each other, in multi-level classrooms allows for great social development. Our eldest child was very shy and quiet before attending MSK. She now has matured into an outgoing and eager participant in all aspects of the curriculum.


The low teacher-to-child ratios are exactly what we were looking for: a more personal setting where our children could feel at ease. Since the children are free to physically move around the classroom and utilize various materials, I find this helps them better physically absorb the materials they are engaged in. We love the practical teaching that is done which translates into our household—with our children clearing their plates off of the dinner table and tucking in their chairs without ever being asked. These are the types of important lifelong skills instilled at such an early age, that make all the difference as our children grow. Our children are happily learning to take initiative and be independently creative. These skills will most certainly allow them to continue to become secure, tenacious, moral and determined individuals as they mature into adulthood.


​The school is an authentic Montessori-accredited school. We feel that the concrete, hands-on, unique, yet practical, three-dimensional materials, with repetition, clearly allows children to learn at a clear and rapid pace. Both of our children were easily reading within 2 short months of starting the Casa Program at the age of 3. We were happily surprised and so impressed! The pace at which our children have learned is far beyond our expectations! The uninterrupted work periods allow for children to develop a keen sense of focus and determination. They also feel safe and secure in their routine, knowing what to expect next.


​It is an absolute joy to have our children attend MSK. We are beyond pleased, and feel that this school ranks as the absolute best. Once we saw the school and met the staff, the decision to enroll our children there was the best and easiest one we could have possibly made. We have the utmost confidence in MSK, and recommend it to all that we know. We are certain that our children will be academically, socially, morally and spiritually well-prepared for academia at the high school and university levels and beyond. We trust in the methodologies taught, and all aspects of the school. Being a well-rounded, kind and moral individual is what is most important to us as parents. We feel that MSK has greatly and positively influenced and nurtured our children to have a very strong formative education that will be the foundation for their futures.

The Briaana Family

Both our children have had the honour and privilege to experience the total Montessori education program from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 at MSK.
Over the past 10 years, we have eagerly watched how Mrs. Leudke nurtured a stable foundation for them, Mrs. Cappa mentored and transitioned them through early grades and Mrs. Beros challenge and push their intellect and abilities over the past few years.
Our boys are about to leave MSK well educated, respectful and confident teenagers and prepared for high school.
The Briaana family is grateful and indebted  to the teachers, staff and MSK family for helping raise our children.

Rania and Bishoy Khalil

It makes us extremely proud to say our toddler attends MSK. We highly recommend MSK to any parent looking to provide their child with the best educational program. In such a short time we have seen our son grow into an independent capable individual who has a strong sense of self and the ability to communicate and connect with others. We feel very comfortable sending our son to MSK because we see the level of care and love that he receives from all the staff. The school provides a safe and nurturing environment. The teachers are highly qualified, professional, knowledgeable, and approachable. We are excited to continue to watch our son grow in an authentic Montessori environment that strives for academic excellence.

Kapil and Ranjit

We are very fortunate that our son Shaan has been attending Montessori School of Klienburg since September 2018. The school is very impressive, not just by its great facility, but mostly by its amazing staff and teachers. They take that extra step to give the kids very special individual attention, loving care and unbelievably successful learning curriculum! We all know that the Montessori system provides great results but this school provides a lot more than that – teaches the children independence, respect for each other, and many very practical life lessons! Ms. Enza, the school Principal, is a very caring person with great personality that always seeks to give more and more to the kids and always looking for different ways to improve the school. The teachers( Ms Rodrigues, Mrs. Pabla and Mrs. Iacoucci ) are so warm and friendly and truly enjoy working with the children. I always feel confident in knowing I am leaving my son in a safe and stimulating environment.

We know that Montessori school of Kleinburg has been an outstanding start to our son’s life education. Thanks for all your dedication, its been a wonderful experience!

Mrs. Teresa Buggea-Polyviou

As a mother with a background in Montessori I knew it was essential to send my daughter to an accredited Montessori school. A school that provides children with the perfect learning environment to fully develop as independent, confident, loving respectful children that care for their environment and the people around them. Msk and the teachers in casa red have definitely enabled my daughter to meet all these Montessori attributes and she is only in her second year of the casa program. My daughter has made wonderful friendships and lasting memories. I look forward to many more years of Montessori education at the Montessori School of Kleinburg.

Alexandra Cipullo

My daughter became a student of MSK in January 2018; she was a little over 2 years old. Prior to visiting The Montessori School In Kleinburg I knew that I wanted my child to have a Montessori education. The philosophy aligned with my core values and parenting style but, above all what was most important to me was that my child was treated with love and respect. I interviewed and observed several Montessori schools prior to selecting MSK and to be honest after my interview at MSK I realized I didn’t need to visit any more schools. MSK felt like it would be the ideal place for my daughter. Administration and the teachers were very accommodating and supportive of my child and myself during this transition. The toddler program is a perfect way to gently introduce the Montessori method to a child while assisting with their adjustment to an environment outside of the home. At that stage, all I was concerned about was that my daughter was happy to be in the care of MSK and her toddler teachers. I was confident that the learning would happen as long as she felt safe and content. In September 2018 my daughter began her Casa career. She is currently a second-year Casa student and loves going to school. Her teachers and classroom are everything a Montessori education should be and more! It brings me so much joy to hear my child describe her day to me, to share what she learns and observe how she implements those skills at home. MSK is a wonderful school “on the hill” amidst all the development surrounding the neighbourhood it strives to maintain a familiar charm and welcoming environment.

Diana Valler

My name is Diana Valler and I am one of many proud parents of a MSK student. MSK is the landmark of excellence in Montessori school system! When our son turned 2, we started looking for an educational place for him and, like every parent, we wanted the best of the best. More so, coming from a family of teachers, we looked around and ‘interviewed’ lots of schools until we found the one and only MSK !


If you are looking for high-level educational standards combined with a true feeling that you are ‘at home’, completely loved and cared for, then MSK is the place to see!


The second you enter this wonderful building overlooking the Humber river in the beautiful Kleinburg, you would realize that for yourself! The teachers are extremely well-qualified educators who teach, inspire and care for all the children ! The staff is always there to support with a smile!


The environment, apart from being so welcoming and beautiful inside and outside, is conducive to learning and growth and development.


Our son transitioned seamlessly from Toddler to Casa and he is very happy every day. That happy that when the winter break came, he put his teachers’ picture by his bed to tell them “good night” every night as he was missing them during the vacation time. I think this is a huge testimony of the impact MSK has on our children’s growth and development.


If you want THE BEST, this is the place!


Together with my husband who is also a teacher himself, we wholeheartedly recommend MSK to any parent who would like their children to benefit from a fantastic empowering learning experience.


We love MSK!

Appreciative Casa Yellow Parent

I’m honoured to write on behalf of the Montessori School in Kleinburg (MSK), an educational canvas of young minds, seasoned compassion, and a curiosity that never grows old. My daughter has been attending the school for three years. Each day she comes home with a smile on her face, bursting to share her highlights of the day and teach me something new in the process.


The level of dedication, enthusiasm, and genuine care for each child and family is evident and appreciated. There is a visceral understanding of the need to support learning in both concrete and abstract terms – and to embrace the natural desire to learn.


I would not hesitate to recommend MSK to anyone seeking a supportive educational platform for young minds. Faculty and staff alike understand the value of partnering in education and are wholeheartedly committed to building our leaders of tomorrow.

Daniela Perrelli

Our son Jake started in the toddler program at MSK just shy of 2 years old. Like any parent, we felt anxious and nervous leaving our baby for the first time, however, the transition was a lot easier than expected…Jake loved the toddler classroom, the teachers made him feel safe and created a fun and ordered learning environment.


Fast forward 3 years and Jake is going to be graduating from the Casa program this year:)
To say that he’s loved the experience thus far would be an understatement! My husband and I believe that the Montessori Platform has helped foster Jake into a conscientious student, one that is independent and curious. At MSK his interests are encouraged and this keeps him wanting to strive and excel in any task he’s performing.


I’m confident that his next chapter in lower elementary at MSK will be just as enriched and continue to highlight his potential.


As parents you’re happy when you’re children are happy. To see Jake want to go to school and learn and play with the friends he’s made over the years is a testament itself to MSK and it’s staff.

Luana Vallescura

One of the best decisions we made as parents are sending our daughter to MSK. My daughter joined the toddler program when she was 19 months, and I can’t say enough about the Montessori program. While in the toddler program, a strong emphasis is placed on developing sensory, motor and social skills. These skills, with the help of the wonderful educators, helped Lauren to become a more confident and independent learner. Shortly after, my daughter moved to the CASA program, and the program has been instrumental to my daughter’s overall development. At 3 ½, she is now reading sight words, which to me, is a success story. With repetition, routine and continued positive reinforcement, she is accomplishing things I thought would happen at a later age. I am so pleased to have collaborated with MSK. Partnering up with MSK was the best decision we made when it comes to my daughter’s education and success.

Anita Micoli-Falcone

I cannot say enough great things about the solid academic foundation this authentic Montessori school provides. I credit the teachers with preparing my son to be an engaged, self-motivated learner who partakes in in-depth studies and learn complex concepts. This school provides a structured learning environment that is safe and nurturing. The teachers focus on your child and their level of development and expand on it.


Mrs. Amanda and Mrs. Ritu demonstrate levels of passion and professionalism that I rarely see in the education or the business world. They are very kind, courteous, respectful, and very well-educated themselves. They work tirelessly to set ideal examples for the children of how people should behave and cooperate together. This is a very important detail that somehow, especially in non-Montessori environments, can, unfortunately, be overlooked. In addition to the great teachers, the communication from the administration to the parents is outstanding.


The depth and breadth of knowledge that these students acquire and retain with this hands-on individualized method of teaching is truly remarkable. I am so grateful to this school for providing my son with the skills and confidence that he can take risks, make mistakes, learn from them, move on and flourish!


It is a pleasure to see a four-year-old wake up on school days and be excited about going to school! I am happy with his advancements in academics and social skills. The combination of the Montessori teaching philosophy, outstanding teachers and supportive parents makes MSK an ideal place to nurture young minds.

Nancy Tamburini

After visiting a number of local Montessori schools I knew hands down that MSK was the place for my daughter. 12 years and 2 more kids, here I am…I was the parent that was staying for the Casa Program and moving on. Well, I did move on it just happened to be to both our Lower Elementary program and then later on to Upper Elementary (my oldest daughter graduated from 6th grade 3 years ago and my second child will be graduating in the spring). All three of my children (14, 12 and 7) have flourished under the careful guidance of the dedicated teachers that we have at MSK. We have been so impressed with how the Montessori teaching methods have enhanced our children’s interests while exposing them to a variety of fundamental life skills. They are self-confident, caring individuals who have a strong sense of who they are while recognizing the importance of mutual respect. I believe that their experience at MSK has provided them with the foundation for a positive attitude towards learning, and the necessary tools required to be self-motivated independent thinkers. If a superior educational experience is what you are looking for, then search no further, MSK is the place for you!

The Rand Family

We joined MSK about three years ago and have had the pleasure of witnessing the benefits of a quality, authentic Montessori education first-hand. Our son started in Casa and next year will be moving into MSK’s Lower Elementary program. Our daughter recently moved from Toddler into MSK’s Casa program. Both of our children are flourishing and have developed a passion and natural enthusiasm for learning. This is in large part due to MSK’s fantastic environment and wonderful staff who have a sincere dedication to teaching and working with each child as an individual. We can say with confidence that MSK was one of the best decisions we’ve made for our children, providing a solid foundation that will prove invaluable to them not only as children but as adults.

Amanda Bonitatibus

This is my first year at MSK and I find myself always talking good about this school. I often say “it’s like a family” or “they’re so neutering.” Making the decision of what school to send your child to, is a huge one!! For me, my daughter is extremely shy and very attached to me so it made it even harder. Having a school like MSK makes me feel so comfortable when I drop her off, knowing she doesn’t express her feelings at all to anyone other than me or my husband. She has learned so much in the first year, I’m amazed! I give all the credit to her amazing teachers and the entire staff for having such a calm and focused education environment in the school at all times!

Tasleem and Yaseen

I have wanted to send this email since the night of the PT conferences. I worked in the ER that night and unfortunately didn’t have a quiet moment to compose my thoughts. Here they are now, tardy but hopefully just as impactful.


I left our PT conference beaming with pride. I was delighted to hear that Khalil was excelling in his academic responsibilities and equally happy to know that he was an active and respectful member of the social community that is Casa Blue. While driving home through my mood acutely shifted to one of embarrassment at the realization that I hadn’t thanked you and recognized you for your contribution to Khalil’s progress.


Khalil has thrived during his time at MSK. A child’s potential is only actualized when the opportunities to explore and interact with the world around him are maximized continually. Like his teachers, you spend the most time with him. It is your belief in the potential of each child to excel that allows each child to come close to that realization in the first place.


When I first learned that Montessori schools teach children as little as 3 and 4 the names of the continents I remember rolling my eyes. I thought it was ingenious; a child can memorize anything without actually understanding it, and what a great way to market to adults that a child is learning – have them recite words that they aren’t expected to know.


My experience at MSK has changed my perspective completely. When Khalil comes home with his own version of Monet’s “water lilies” I was so humbled. I was first exposed to Monet in my grade 10 art class. I went to New York to visit the Barnes Exhibit and this event changed my life forever. A door was opened up to me, another way to view and experience the world. When Khalil came home a week or two later with his own version of a George Seurat I nearly fell off my chair. “Do you know how fortunate you are Khalil?” I asked.


Later that week he asked me what a molecule was and I did my best to explain. He asked me how a table and a person can both be made of molecules and yet be so different. I took him back to George Suerat. I reminded him how the tiniest specs of colored paint could be arranged in billions of combinations to create such different images in Suerat’s paintings. Specs of paints, like molecules, can come together to create an entire universe of possibilities.


Khalil may only be 5 years old, and he may not truly understand the different genres of painting across periods of time in history, but you are opening doors for him every day. Each of these offers him a different lens through which to view, understand, and ultimately interact with the world.


Thank you for investing so much time and faith in my son. Thank you for offering him increasing amounts of responsibility in the classroom so he may grow to be a contributing citizen of the world one day. Thank you for challenging him to recognize the difference between “producing work” and “producing his best work”. Thank you for satiating his unending hunger for books so he may learn, learn more, and be humbled one day by the opportunities his education will offer him.

Michelle & Domenic Albanese, The Ideal Environment

Choosing the ideal environment for our son’s early educational development was important to us as parents. We explored many different options available to us, however after meeting with Mrs. Vincenza Marzano-Kooner of Montessori School in Kleinburg (MSK) we quickly came to realize that the Montessori method of learning would be the most rewarding, fulfilling and nurturing approach that promised to provide our son with a solid foundation for life-long learning.


An accredited member of The Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators (CCMA), MSK has gone above and beyond providing our son with a distinct curriculum of learning that challenges and stimulates his unique course of development during his formative years. In the two years our son has attended MSK he has developed a strong sense of responsibility, independence, creativity, self-esteem, confidence, and respect. We have also witnessed a significant advancement in his cognitive and social skills as well as an improvement in his vocabulary. This is all a testament to the dedicated and professional staff at MSK who consistently apply Montessori teaching principles and genuinely and passionately care about their work and the children. The teachers are extremely attentive to every child’s needs and devoted to helping them grow and progress at their own pace. Our son’s casa teachers are very friendly and open to discussion at any time while frequently updating us on what he is learning in class and how he is progressing.


The classrooms are clean, well organized, and equipped with all the necessary educational materials required for them to excel. MSK even offers a delicious and very nutritious meal plan – a great convenience for working parents. In addition, the school is situated on a beautiful gated property with natural greenery and ample space for outdoor activity. MSK offers your child the opportunity to flourish while enjoying learning for the sake of learning!


Our overall experience at MSK has made us proud and honoured to be part of the MSK family. As parents who want the best for our children, we strongly recommend the MSK experience. Your child will receive an authentic form of education by a staff of highly qualified teachers in a safe, respectful and nurturing environment. Thank you MSK!

Rijad and Stephanie Cehajic, The Right Decision

With our oldest son’s first year of school behind us, it was not a tough decision as to where he would go for his second year and where our youngest son would start his first.


Looking back at all the research we did and the time spent choosing a school for our sons to start their education, being nervous if we would ever find the perfect school, it has become extremely clear that we have made the right decision in choosing the Montessori School in Kleinburg.


From the moment we started the process the team at MSK was there for us, and were very open to the many questions nervous parents have. They made us feel very comfortable and enabled us to explore all of our concerns. The promises made to us by Mrs. Vincenza and her team have all come true. From safety and security to the communication we would expect from a top-notch school have all been perfect.


We see this and are reassured each and every day when our two boys come home with big smiles on their faces, and can’t stop talking about their school, their teachers and all of the great friends they have made. The teachers also understand that the parents are going through the learning process and offer all the support we need to maximize our son’s schooling experience. We are truly enjoying how the Montessori process is bringing the BEST out of our boys.

Holly Rose Lorenzon, Former Student

In room 231 of De La Salle Oaklands College, I, Holly Rose Lorenzon, sit chin in hand. I appear to be dumbfounded by the equation on the board, but I am really in “reflection mode.” Mentally, I change the equation “2x= 4x (5)” to “HRL= MSK (5) + DLS (4).” Today I reflect on my journey and transition from my previous family at MSK, to the seemingly quaint De La Salle Community of which I proudly belong to today.


For five years, the Montessori School in Kleinburg had taught me, (in a progressive manner), double-digit multiplication on the flat bead frame, different aspects of drama, figurative language in poetry, and international languages. MSK, however, has given me more than academic accomplishments to be proud of. The Montessori Method of Education provides me with the fundamentals that allow me to embody my talents, gifts, and methods of thinking today. An example of this would be how MSK contributed to the community by supporting Sponsor Children (for example, Gladys Bezamera), and participating in the Terry Fox run and MS Read a Thon. These were influencial acts of true charity which simplified for me the dignity of the human person, and the importance of equality. Today, these two lessons combined with my Roman Catholic Religion have allowed me to remain with a humble and contrite heart, and to think of others before myself.


MSK has helped me shape my methods of thinking by placing an importance on family. In the morning program, we early risers ate breakfast and did arts and crafts together, and soon this had become a routine. (Let’s not forget the fact that Luigi and I drove Mrs. Mary to insanity with our constant arguing and simple solutions, because that’s what families are for!) I, to this day, thank Mrs. Mary for treating me as if I was her own daughter.


The involuntary duties that I had performed every day at MSK were the actions that allow me to stick with a thesis today. Every morning at MSK I had planned a daily work journal composed of five to eight goals for the day. I had always put math first on my list because it was the most challenging for me. Acts like these allowed me to see the importance of responsibility, self-discipline, time management, and steering away from lollygagging. Today I apply these skills in my everyday life to cope with my busy schedule. I continue to schedule my time to keep track of projects, tests, and exams.


Three years of practicing my cursive writing at MSK had finally granted me the privilege to use a pen for in-class work and projects. This act did not only implement the idea that practice makes perfect, but also the reality that we must work for what we desire. I have come to the realization today that opportunities do not flock to you, but you to them. You must develop a reasonable thesis, strive for excellence, and stay open-minded. MSK had helped me to do that on my first day of De La Salle, and will continue to do that for the rest of my life.


It wasn’t easy for me to make the transition from a non-denominational school to De La Salle; lead by a brother who is beautifully stringent in his Catholic ways. MSK, as you know, prides itself in teaching students about all religions and traditions. I was required to know a bit more about Catholicism for De La Salle, and the most Catholic instruction I had received prior to my enrollment was from Catechism classes and my parents. I was in no way prepared for the complexity of the Catholic religion, yet I somehow managed to adopt its customs and allow my soul to be subdued by the Lord (dramatic, but true).


The transition was also different because I had a locker, rotary, many male teachers, “lunch money,” a cafeteria, and new friends. Other than those things, which I quickly got used to, nothing else posed a problem for me. In fact, I soon found (and continue to find) many similarities between MSK and De La Salle. Some of these are the value of giving to others, striving for excellence, putting education first, planning time wisely, and treating your neighbours as yourself. I continue to use these today, and take pride in knowing that I first applied these rules at MSK, my first community and family.


As Greek mythology was a reflection of Greek and Roman culture, I am a reflection of MSK and De La Salle. Thus, I must say that my experiences at both MSK and De La Salle College (so far) have allowed me to convene my many aspirations, talents, and gifts into a logical explanation of who I am today. I thank MSK for teaching me the importance of academics, teamwork, giving to others, and friendship, as I will continue to value these virtues for the rest of my life.


HRL= MSK (5) + DLS (4)

Josie Lorenzon, Parent

I have been an MSK parent since the first day the school opened its doors in Sept. 2002. It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of MSK and all proud parents who have supported this school’s endeavors. My child is now in grade four and continues to thrive in an environment that nurtures her soul, mind, and spirit.


As an Educator myself, I can attest that MSK endeavors to exemplify the teachings of the greatest leaders of our time; teaching students important virtues and leadership skills that will prepare your child to become a contributing citizen in this society. The programs and specialties are taught and infused across curricula, making school work more relevant and applicable to the child. The school administration has a clear vision that has been repeatedly shared and communicated through special assemblies and special workshops that often occur at the school. As a parent in this community, I felt I have been included in the integration of goals and development which focus on my child. The school has offered many opportunities for parents to become more educated about the Montessori methods and more involved in all facets of the school program, extra-curricular and social elements. Further to this, staff and administration have an “open door” policy, making them approachable and keeping the lines of communication open between all stakeholders.


I am grateful that my daughter has had the opportunity to learn through Montessori principles and cover Ministry curriculum as well. She has become resourceful and skilled in research, culture, mathematics beyond curriculum expectations and most importantly, music. My daughter loves being at school and I could quote her response when asked what her favorite aspect about MSK is: “I love the work and my teachers”. This is not an unusual response coming from a Montessori-educated child. Wishing you well as you make your decision.

Lidia Beros, Teacher & Parent

MSK is a school that prides itself on quality education in a safe and nurturing environment for all its children. It is located on beautiful grounds for the children to explore and learn about their natural environment first hand. As a parent, the school gives me a piece of mind that my children will be well cared for and safe while in their care, which is very important to me.


MSK provides authentic Montessori education for my children. They have been a part of the school since 2004. They have gone through both the Casa and are currently within the Elementary programs. The use of the concrete materials while in the Casa program helped them visualize and conceptualize concepts and ideas easily. The ability to repeat materials helped to reinforce the concepts taught. Children are able to move freely within the classroom, with purpose. I truly love that the children also learn with and from each other on a regular basis. Lessons are given individually or in small groups to ensure that all children understand new ideas presented to them.


In the Elementary programs my children have learned and continue to work collaboratively with other students on a daily basis. They used the concrete Montessori material to learn concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, nouns, and verbs, just to name a few. It was a joy to come in and observe how they were able to set up their day and move throughout the classroom with reason; the knowledge of knowing what the expectations are and how to achieve them. They explored all areas of the curriculum through various means. They were given the choice of how they wanted to present their work to their peers. They learned how to work with others, as well as focus on their own work. MSK helped them to foster and nurture their independence so that they will grow up to be great members of society and be successful citizens.


As a teacher at MSK I have been given the chance to work with great teachers throughout my years. It is wonderful to be able to teach in multi-level classrooms, where the children not only learn from me, but also from their peers. At the same token, the classroom sizes are small enough to be able to work with all children on an individual basis. In the Elementary level at MSK children continue to work with both the material as well as pencil to paper; thereby preparing them academically for the future. I take pleasure in working alongside the parents to ensure that each child receives the proper tools in order for him/her to be most successful at MSK.


I am very delighted that I have chosen MSK for my children. I have watched them grow and succeed on so many levels and know that they will become strong, secure and independent adults, because of the foundation and education they received at MSK.

Sonja Beros, Student

Why I Love MSK: I love M.S.K because everyone there is very kind, starting with the teachers. All the teachers help us to learn new things every day, whether it’s Math, Language, Spelling or Geometry and they introduce us to new Montessori materials to help us expand our knowledge. The teachers at M.S.K. help us learn and discover new things such as figuring out the correct answer on our Math or Geometry. Mrs. Vincenza is also the best principal in the whole world. Any other Montessori school would be very lucky to have her as their principal, but I am glad that she is mine. Mrs. Vincenza lets us have fun while we learn.


I have made a lot of friends since I’ve come to M.S.K. They are all very kind, funny and of course fun. All my friends are great to work with. At recess we like to play games such as soccer. I love M.S.K. because they allow us to expand our mind. Everyone is there for a reason; the teachers are there to help us understand, the students are there to learn new and interesting things every day. I thank Mrs. Enza for creating such a wonderful school.

Romina Aulicino, Parent

I am pleased to share my experience at The Montessori School in Kleinburg (“MSK”) with existing and potential parents. The Montessori School in Kleinburg fosters an environment which motivates the child to develop a love and passion for learning. The teachers and administration always work together to make sure their students are enabled to excel at any presented tasks. It is a prepared, nurturing environment that makes the child very comfortable in their school surroundings and not intimidated.


I have had both my children enrolled in MSK Casa Program for the past three years. Furthermore, I have participated as a parent volunteer at MSK among what I have found to be confident, respectful, loving children and exceptional staff. From the moment I first contacted the school, I always felt welcomed with open arms, listening ears, and unbiased views. The staff and administration at MSK is one-of-a-kind. They all do an outstanding job with each and every student. They are hard-working and dedicated individuals. My children began the program as many first time students (and parents) do: timid and anxious. They have learned so much and have adapted to the Montessori environment without hesitation. They were always eager and willing to go to school. They have developed a love and passion to learn, and I attribute this to the MSK curriculum. They have become little adults with great self-esteem. Through the Casa Program, they have forged foundations in confidence, respect, and an eagerness for learning.


I am very happy with my choice. I am forever indebted to Mr. John and Mrs. Vincenza Marzano-Kooner for running such a great organization. They are dedicated to providing our children with an experience that encompasses solid education, confidence, respect, and a lifelong passion for learning.

Romolo and Mary Magarelli, Parents

Romolo and I have been discussing and reviewing our children’s education for quite some time, and have come to the realization while speaking with friends and family that we have made an incredible decision enrolling all four of our children in the Montessori School in Kleinburg.


The personal attention that our children have received and the communication between the school and us as parents is like no other that we’ve encountered. As parents, we truly believe that we should be a part of our children’s education – not only at home, but with their everyday activities at school as well. We want to thank you both and the staff at the Montessori School in Kleinburg for completely involving us in our children’s days. Whether our children have good days or bad, we appreciate being informed and kept in the loop of their daily personalities.


As you know our oldest, who is in Grade 4 (Upper Elementary), has shown so much progress in the last two years that it leaves us utterly speechless to try and explain all the new achievements we have seen her accomplish. Our second child, who is in Grade 1 (Lower Elementary) has grown, matured and amazes us daily with what he learns and is able to retain. Our third child, in the Casa Blue class at only 4 years old is reading fluently to our amazement! Our youngest at 2 ½ years old (Casa Yellow) is so happy and excited about being at school and being with friends. Also, just being in the same environment as her siblings, she has improved her actions, discipline and her understanding of rules and communication.


We think that as parents we often don’t spend enough time giving people credit when it is due. This letter is just a simple thank you for making a difference in not only our children’s lives but in our lives as well. By helping mold, shape and teaching our children we can only hope that they take home the fundamentals of life and the love and laughter that is often shared at this wonderful school by yourselves and your truly amazing staff.

Anna Commisso, Parent

I am writing this reference letter to share the joys and excitement of what it’s like to be a part of MSK and to have my children attend this school. My children have been attending for almost 3 years and love every moment they spend there. They have the utmost respect for all their teachers and care deeply for them.


The general atmosphere around MSK on a daily basis is comparable to a beautiful spring morning where children are joyous and laughter fills the air.


MSK has by far one of the best team of “elite” and “cream of the crop” teachers around. It is indescribable what lengths they will go to ensure all their goals and achievements have been met and the children are content. They are part of the accredited society of achievers and all have a proven track record.


My children have been taught an array of skills including languages, team building, organizational management, time management, music, etc. … all attributes that will help make them very well rounded individuals and cultured in their growing years.

Jodi Drake, Parent

Dear Enza, I want to express my gratitude for all you and the entire team at MSK have done for our family. We are delighted to have been part of MSK for the past 4 years, and we look forward to the years to come.


For us, it is more than the educational standards and investment in our children’s future. While you offer these at the highest level, and we see how you are unleashing the potential in both Adam and Tommy – it is the whole environment of learning and love that has made the real difference for them, and for us.


Leaving each of them in your care daily, we have always been confident that they are in good hands, learning and growing as whole persons (their brains and their spirit). The relationships and variety of exposures have offered a broad range of experiences that have inspired each of them differently – as individuals. Your care and one on one approach has been valuable as we have gone through different stages, with your ongoing support and sincere interest in the well being of our children have helped us to determine best options for the children and for us. We value and respect all that you do at MSK.


Thank you for creating such a solid foundation for our children as they continue to grow, develop a love for learning, and build character in line with solid values.

Angela Fiorini, Parent

My two daughters are in lower elementary and lower casa – ages 6 and 4. My son will be starting this coming September. They have been attending MSK since the age of 2. Since then I have never questioned if there is any other school better for them than MSK. Both have learned a great deal since starting and have developed their creativity, curiosity, and confidence. My daughters are very unique and diverse from one another, having completely different interests and personalities. The Montessori Method has improved on their weaknesses while increasing their strengths. They have started reading at the age of 4, respectfully, and have gained a strong knowledge of mathematics, phonics, art and music.


There is a strong focus on physical activity which is a great advantage for our children in this day and age where sitting at desks and playing computer games is the norm. Yoga and music is offered during lunch break as well as art, choir, track and field and more are offered after school. During recess, they are encouraged to explore the beautiful natural landscape that surrounds MSK through such activities as nature walks and botanical discovery projects. Seasonal festivals are enjoyed in the great outdoors, such as Winterlude.


MSK believes in strong traditional work methods. It is not enough that they complete simple addition/subtraction; they are introduced to problem-solving and word solving which encourages children to think beyond the realms of what is traditionally expected. Children are encouraged to make their own choices which encourage independence and confidence. My younger daughter is much more active and easily distracted; the Montessori Method has slowly helped redirect her focus to encourage her development through activities that she enjoys doing.


The teachers are extremely devoted and professional, highly trained in the Montessori Method and present it in such a calm and clear way. Daily correspondence is made with the teachers updating their development and or weaknesses through an agenda. The Principal, Vincenza, is always available with our concerns. All children are expected to behave in a respectful and courteous way with one another that transcends to their everyday life away from the classroom. There is a great friendship amongst all of us here at MSK where many of us truly feel like family and are there for one another.

Mariangela Muia, Parent

In the last 18 months that we have been at MSK we have watched our daughter Maria blossom, more importantly, she has friendships that we know she will cherish forever. Not only has Maria developed such great friends, but we as parents have also developed great relationships with the parents at MSK.


I have to say we are lucky to be a part of MSK because we feel that we are all here with a common goal; to learn! Not only do we have you (Mrs. Vincenza) to go to for support, but we also have such wonderful SPECIAL GIFTED teachers who are approachable. We started at MSK with the thought that we were only going to enroll in the Casa Program, now seeing the results and accomplishments we know that we are here for the long term, and we are not looking back!


Thank you for making our time here enjoyable and WE look forward to a long-term relationship with the Staff at MSK.