The Montessori School in Kleinburg (MSK) is excited to offer a toddler program for children from ages 18 to 30 months. This is a well-rounded learning opportunity that will springboard your child into their educational journey within a nurturing, enriching and scenic environment.

These are tender years for your child and we recognize that. We are proud to offer a program that is gentle and caring while providing stimulating and academically-focused materials. MSK toddler teachers are active and keep children engaged in projects and hands-on activities while forming important bonds with their students. This gives toddlers a strong sense of security and independence to confidently challenge themselves to delve deeper into their learning.

the toddler curriculum

The focus of our toddler program is building upon key developmental areas such as:

  • Sensory development;

  • Self-help skills;

  • Physical development and motor skills; and

  • Social and emotional growth.

Toddlers are also exposed to cultural lessons through our language curriculum. This would include learning about the weather, calendar, specialty classes (i.e. French) and names of objects for the purpose of vocabulary enrichment. Students are also given ample opportunity to learn about the world around them when taking part in outdoor play in our scenic playground.

the toddler classroom

When you first enter the Toddler classroom at MSK you will see an organized, welcoming and clean space. Large inviting windows give children views of the Humber River Valley where birds, squirrels and other forest friends come and visit while lots of natural sunlight pours in.

All furnishings are tailored to little bodies and minds and is carefully curated for the particular needs of toddlers. Stimulating items (i.e. puzzles, bead stringing etc.) and activities are available throughout the room that work within the curriculum areas. Practical life materials are essential to a Montessori education as they develop a child’s personal growth and sense of independence. In our classrooms, we promote the “I’m a big kid” mentality and give toddlers opportunity to succeed and grow. It is through these small challenges in a positive and encouraging environment that children develop the self-confidence to begin a life-long love of learning.

What sets a typical Montessori toddler classroom apart from traditional daycare is that you won’t find commercial and name-brand plastic toys strewn about. All materials are thoughtfully laid out and lessons are well-formulated to always encourage learning and development under this pedagogy.

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