Don’t Know What To Do Next?…The MSK Resource Support Department

Raising a child is the single most important responsibility a human being can ever have. Each child is a unique and precious gift that requires loving attention and devotion. Parents have a deep commitment to guide and support their child to reach their highest potential in life. It is interesting though that this most complex gift doesn’t come with an Owner’s Manual? Each child arrives into this world with their own unique developmental plan and set of characteristics. As parents and educators strive to guide each one to be the best they can be, there is no ‘Trouble Shooting’ reference that one can turn to for help when challenges present themselves. When a child is experiencing challenges in any aspect of their development, it is often difficult to know how to help them. Educators experience the same feelings as parents. Teachers have a deep sense of responsibility and passion to help guide each child to grow and learn in the optimal way. They too want that child to reach their highest potential. Never fear………….you are not alone!

The MSK Resource Support Department (RSD) assists students, teachers, staff and parents in working together to help a student achieve their highest potential in all aspects of development: social, emotional and academic. A variety of supports, learning strategies, resources and professional consultants are used, as needed, for each student. Observations, discussions, and possible consultations are held with the student, a MSK team of teachers, and parents to understand what is not working for the student. Next steps are formulated to implement and observe their effects. The RSD offers a wide range of assistance to any within the MSK community. The Department Head is contacted, and a series of follow-up activities begin. Specific details of these are outlined in the Resource Support Department Policy and Procedures, found in the Parent Handbook. It is the Department’s goal to ensure that every person feels supported and cared for, every step of the way, as the most optimal path forward tries to be determined.

MSK is proud of its commitment to its students, teachers, parents/guardians and anyone else involved in a student’s life. Every effort is taken to ensure that new strategies or goals are delivered in a warm, nurturing, supportive, and inclusive classroom environment, providing each child what they need to become independent, engaged and self-actualized learners. In the words of Dr. Maria Montessori:

Every one in the world ought to do the things for which he is specially adapted. It is the part of wisdom to recognize what each one of us is best fitted for, and it is the part of education to perfect and utilize such predispositions. Because education can direct and aid nature but can never transform them.