The Arts

“Music is healing. Music holds all things together.” – Prince

It truly is a universal language where everyone of any age can connect. Music is proven to elevate one’s mood and aid relaxation. Having music in our everyday lives is a subconscious form of therapy. We are simulating our brains and healing our souls without even knowing.

MSK’s Upcoming Extra Curriculars

Written by: Ms. Orlando

October is a month of new beginnings! MSK will be starting Choir and Dance once again. Registration forms will be sent out this week, and we are looking forward to turning your little ones into musical prodigies! Piano lessons have already begun, and each student has absolutely surprised me with their eager to learn and their natural ability to play. We look forward to showcasing their talents at this year’s Winter Concert.

A Bit About Ms. Orlando

Ms. Orlando has been teaching Piano, Voice and Theory for over seven years now. She studied at Berklee College of Music and majored in Interdisciplinary Music Studies. She is also the Founder of BlackStar Showcase. A Toronto concert series for local musicians to expand their audience and gain exposure and experience in live performance. Ms. Orlando has also danced since she was the age of 4. Her main areas of focus are Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap and Contemporary. She continued her Dance studies throughout High School as a secondary art discipline and continues to dance at various studios in Toronto such as Dnce Life X, The Underground Dance Centre, etc.