Experience as the ‘Bridge-the-Gap’ Tutor

By Alyssa Pejkovic

As the head tutor of the ‘Bridge-the-Gap’ tutoring program, it has been an amazing experience working with and getting to know the students thus far. I enjoy tutoring a vast range of subjects and ages, as well as observing students succeed and gain more confidence.

During my tutoring sessions, I work one-on-one with each student to address subject areas of difficulty, build on their understanding of topics, and enhance specific skills. I use the Montessori materials provided in their classroom as well as additional resources catered to the needs of each individual. The one-on-one sessions greatly benefit the student as they are granted the opportunity to work in a comfortable, safe, and quiet environment with undivided attention. This environment allows for the space necessary for academic growth and for a relationship to be built between the tutor and student. The sessions are tailored to the student, allowing me to recognize areas of focus and modify my approach throughout the process as I observe their learning styles and progression. Lastly, the personalized nature of the tutoring sessions creates a climate where the student is motivated and inclined to learn in a fun and individualized experience. I have already observed improvement in the short amount of time I have been tutoring here at MSK. The directed focus and interactive activities allow the student to flourish during allocated time that may not have been achieved in the day-to-day classroom.

I enjoy working with students at various stages in their academic journeys and am honoured that I can play a role in their journeys, as I recognize how influential teachers are from a young age. Whether it is providing a foundation for learning or enhancing subject knowledge and skills, I am excited for this opportunity to take part in students’ academic success. MSK had such an impactful experience on my own life from a young age and I am so glad to once again be a part of the MSK community. It is truly rewarding to have observed the students flourish and become more comfortable in such a short amount of time. I am eager to welcome new students and continue to see my students succeed and thrive!