First Experience With Year 1 Teaching

By Ms. McPherson

Everyone can remember the feeling of the first day of school- the excitement, the
nerves, and the feeling of new beginnings and unknown potential. For me, these
feelings all rushed back on my first day at MSK except this time I was experiencing it
from the teacher’s point of view.

I’m not a stranger to teaching as I was a dance teacher for ten years and studio owner
for five years, but having just completed my Montessori teacher training this is my first
year as a Casa Directress. I couldn’t wait to put everything I learned into practice.

During my education on the Montessori program, I fell in love with the philosophy that
the Montessori schooling respects and implements. I have always been a teacher who
believes children are capable of greatness and deserve equal respect and the
opportunity to act on their natural desires for knowledge. The teacher of the classroom
is guiding the child in the right direction and helping to remove the obstacles in the way
of their fullest potential. I love how the Montessori approach prioritizes the child and
their individual education paths.

I was so excited to experience this type of learning in action and to have the privilege
to be a part of their education journey. My first few weeks have not disappointed. It has
been a thrill to already see such growth and development in the children and to watch
the Montessori philosophies come to life.

If only we knew on the first day of school how much our lives would change over the
months to come. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be a small part of
everything that is happening here at MSK. I know there is so much more for me to
experience and learn from this year and I cannot wait to continue down this wonderful
world of Montessori.